A Beautiful Day

Day 8: Monday, 29 October 2012

by Alan Yeo



It was a bright sunny day after the rain last evening. The sky was so clear that from the top of a tall building you could catch a glimpse of Mount Fuji in the background. After all the hard work that the peacemakers had put in, it was time to relax and enjoy the sights of Tokyo. Since the first day the peacemakers arrived in Japan, they had always been on the road and rushing to places. Hence, everyone was delighted to have a free and easy day. Some took the opportunity to visit the Imperial palace and explore various parts of the city while others hope to find a good bargain at the busy streets of Ueno.

Although we have come to the end of our POR Japan 2012, I believe that God has started new journeys and made in roads in the lives of both the peacemakers and also the Japanese whom they have come into contact. Thank you for journeying with us through our blogs. See you in Singapore.


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