Day 1: Monday, 22 October 2012

by Alan Yeo


How appropriate it is to begin our journey with “Konnichiwa!” (It means “Hello” in Japanese) This is the first word that the “Peacemakers on the Road” had learned from our sensei, Mariko Nozoe over 3 weeks of Japanese lessons. It is the simplest word to connect with our Japanese friends. We may not be conversant in Japanese but saying “Konnichiwa” with a smile would perhaps help break the ice. Unlike previous journeys embarked by other peacemakers, it is exciting to know that we will be coming alongside Evangel Tokyo in its emerging stage to create a community in Japan.

In a few hours time, the “Peacemakers on the Road” will commence our adventure in the land of the rising sun and we are reminded of God’s faithfulness towards the new journeys of our local church. We invite you to partner us in prayers and follow us on our blogs daily as we bring you the stories and sights of our visits to the cities and sub-cities in Japan.



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