Evangel Family Church is a community of Christ followers.






We are Pentecostal in tradition and missional in direction, learning that we are defined not just by what we are within the walls but outside of them. As such, we gather together to have our perspectives challenged for practice. We are on a journey continuing the story of the church that was birthed from the theological and historical foundations of community. For Evangel, this becomes experiential when we come alongside our town, nation and world to converse, care and commit within community.

We welcome you to the experience!    









The Evangel logo is an abstract expression of the wind, symbolizing the Holy Spirit leading a journey of spirituality within community. Looking closely, we see "e" (evangel) in a whimsical but trusted adventure, encompassing the simplicity of creating a conversation over a cup of coffee to the genesis of new and reimagined spaces in our world. The colours of blue and brown reminisce of heaven on earth, making a participatory invitation to fulfil and be fulfilled here and now.