Taiwan in Perspective

Having visited the three cities in Taiwan we were able to make a little comparison of Taipei, Taichung and Tainan. Taipei is the capital of Taiwan and its infrastructure is much more established than Taichung台中and Tainan台南. Taipei city is also more populated than Taichung and Tainan. We took the HSR (High Speed Rail) from Taipei to Taichung. We observed that as we moved away from Taipei, there were many plots of rice-planting fields outside the city.

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God and Mortals


It is just 3 days to the new year but about a month and a half ago, my friend Ramesh had gone ahead to ask over dinner, "How has 2012 been for you"? Read More



Cynthia in Cadburyland

Learning From The Masters

MasterChef was the reality program that got me really interested in cooking as an art form, rather than a chore. Read more



Les & More

The Ride

Today's blog is somewhat a continuation from my last. My Pastor often reiterates, that it's about the journey more than the destination… Read More