I'm NEW in my journey with God...


The Big Story

Our journey with God is best understood through God's big story for humankind and the world. Understanding the journey is essential but only when one participates in the story does journeying truly begins. Here are two clips that tell the story…



[The Big Story 1 and 2 are authored by James Choung,

national director of InterVarsity Asian American Ministries]


Alpha Course

You are welcomed to join us for the Alpha course, where one is introduced to or prepared for a journey with God. The course introduces Jesus Christ and responds to the questions of life. It consists of 12 lessons and concludes with a party to celebrate your completion!


I'm NEW in Evangel...

It is one thing to believe but to belong is an entirely different matter. While others can easily blend in, belonging can be a challenge for some of us. Where do I begin? Who should I talk to? How can I participate? It is our desire that we can help you negotiate through these concerns. For a start, if you have not visited these pages yet, below are links to contents that can provide an introductory feel of the direction and culture of Evangel.


Our mission, vision, values and leadership team are discovered at About Us.

Our worship, prayer and ministry rhythms are scheduled at Gatherings.

Our messages, music and musings are shared at Resources.


Belonging comes with participation. Here are links to ministries that you and/or your family can participate through worship and prayer, conversing with and encouraging of each other, or simply eating and having fun.


The Kingdom KIds

The Kingdom Kids

[ Children: 2 to 12 years old]


Better Than Kings

[ Junior ]


Better Than Kings

[ Youth ]

COmmunity Groups

Community Groups

Pinoy Connection

[ Filipino ]


You can visit our Current and Coming page to catch up with what's happening at Evangel.
Also, you are warmly welcome to email new@evangel.org.sg with any further enquiries.