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The Life You’ve Always Wanted

“The Life You’ve Always Wanted” inspires us to take the path less travelled - transformation.  

Are you sick of trying hard to be good? Trying hard cannot accomplish change. The only way is to TRAIN ourselves wisely and seriously to follow Jesus. Come and learn the immense difference between training and trying in our current series by John Ortberg this Wednesday at your nearest CG/ YCG.

9 October 2019

7.30pm, Wednesday

Various Homes in Singapore




Alpha is an opportunity for anyone, anywhere, to freely explore their unique questions about life, faith and God. Alpha is a series of interactive sessions exploring the Christian faith, running over 12 weeks. Each session includes food, a short talk looking at a different question of faith and a Q&A. Alpha is run all around the globe and transcends social, geographical and denominational borders.

3 October 2019 

7.30pm, Thursday

Precious 4, Level 1




Better Than Kings

Night Football 

The third and final season of Night Football returns in October! 4 Fridays of footy action at the PUB Recreation Club. All are welcome including ladies! 


Do join us for an awesome time by signing up for our BTK initiatives here:

25 October 2019

7.30pm, Friday

the PUB Recreation Club