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Baby Dedication

Children are a heritage and gift from the Lord. On 29 May, we will be have a baby dedication. Parents, if you desire to thank God for this beautiful gift and commit your child wholeheartedly to God, please sign up at today.

29 May 2022







I love you 3000

How a father lives his life has a long-lasting impact on his children’s lives. A father has a significant influence within a family’s interactions and experiences. This Father’s Day, let us tell our fathers, “I love you 3000!” Invite your fathers, father-to-be, grandfathers, and any father you know to join us in this Father’s Day celebration.

19 June 2022


8am, 10am & 12pm





Better Than Kings



BTK Sports: Football & We Run

Inter Tribe Football and We Run will be coming to BTK soon. Men and Women are welcome. Sign up today at!








Prayer Community

Jesus showed us how he deliberately excused himself to the mountain to pray. How much more you and I need to pray? Don’t underestimate our time together as a body of Christ. It draws us closer to God.

Join us every last Friday of the month for “Prayer Community.” You are welcome to join our ministry leaders at Prayer Community on 27 May, the last Friday of May! See you there!

27 May 2022

Friday, 7.30pm






Community Groups  

Community Groups resume on 9 February 2022. Be a part of our Wednesday Community Groups to join in the reflections and discussions and reinforce your understanding of God’s Word. Drop us a note at if you need help to connect or reconnect with a community group.


Every Wednesday, 7.30pm 







Let’s step forward to serve in God’s beloved church. You can find out more and register at!