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Romans: Encountering the Gospel Power

Paul develops two themes and interweaves them beautifully. The first is the justification of guilty sinners by God's grace alone in Christ, regardless of status or works. This is the most humbling and equaling of all Christian truths. The second is that the people of God are no longer defined by descent, circumcision or culture, but according to faith in Jesus. So "there is no difference" now between Jews and Gentiles. The call to unity is just as relevant to us today as we continue to face tensions in the body of Christ over ethnicity and theology. May we hear and respond to God's call to us in Romans. Join a CG nearest to you as we commence the book of Romans on 19 September 2018. You may approach any pastors for more info.

7 November 2018

Wednesday, 7.30pm
Various homes in Singapore




Alpha 2018

Explore life, faith, meaning through Alpha.

Alpha is a series that runs over 12 weeks with an opportunity for anyone to explore unique questions about life. Course commences in September at 7.30pm.


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September to November 2018

7.30pm, Thursday
The Atrium, Level 1




Night football

Night Football will happen for six continuous Fridays for each quarter in a year. Night Football, (7-a-side), a BTK initiative will be launched in the last quarter of the year on Friday 5th October. 


Movie Nights

Movies are the parables of today. They tell us about life, reflecting both pain and beauty. Movies Nights, a BTK initiative will be 2 consecutive nights of movies, Thursday and Friday in each quarter of the year. Movies nights will be launched on Thursday 15th November. For each quarter, we will interact with 2 movies, understanding culture and engaging them redemptively through our faith, as a church and Christ-follower.


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