Jolted Awake

Day 4: Thursday, 25 October 2012

By Gaylonda Martin & Maureen Ng


Gaylonda Martin:

Today is day 4 of our incredible journey as Peacemakers on the Road Japan. Everyone had been busy gathering and packing items for the event plus settling their luggage for a two-night stay at Sendai. Crazy thing that just happened as we were getting ready to board the shinkansen for Sendai - due to the excitement, I thought I had forgotten one of the bags of food we were preparing for our guests, so I reluctantly told both Pastor Alan and Pastor Beng Tian, (in my disappointed little girl’s voice) “I have lost my package of food items.” They both were so compassionate that they said almost simultaneously “It’s okay.” So I boarded the train with disappointment in my heart and looked for my seat. As I looked to put things up, the package that I was in search for was all the time on my shoulder, which put a smile on my face. Yes! I knew it. God had my back which simply means He’s always there to correct my mistakes. Thank you God.

Well, the train to Sendai was nice and cosy. It is certainly a full house but not chaotic; so peaceful. The culture here in Japan is quite pleasant and orderly. I’m excited to discover this experience first hand!

Later, as the day proceeds, we had time to prepare for devotion and look around in our surroundings in Sendai which is quite nice lah!

Well to end the day 4 with a bang and shake, we ventured to a mall for dinner. Everything was going well but then suddenly like a rushing mighty when there were sounds of a train, and the place where I was standing began to shake. Was it the rapture, the end of the world or what? People were running out of the store and I nearly ripped the person’s arm of whom I was talking to completely apart. It was a small tremor earthquake that lasted about 10 seconds just enough to shake me up and wake me up too. Just goes to confirm that we should be ready at all time! Good night all!

Maureen Ng:

This is our fourth day in Tokyo. The POR team had checked out of our hotel early to make our way to Tokyo Station to meet Pastor Beng Tian and the volunteers for Sendai. We had early lunch at a soba and tempura restaurant at the station while waiting for the team from Evangel Tokyo. At the restaurant, we were able to make small talks with a waitress who could speak Mandarin and we invited her to attend our little red dot party this Sunday.

The journey to Sendai took about 2 hours via Shinkansen. Upon arrival at Sendai Station, we transferred to a local train to Nakanosakae Station. Unlike Tokyo, the buildings in Sendai are dull-looking and the houses are also smaller. After checking into hotel, we had some free time in the afternoon to shop at Daiso that was located near our hotel while others went to shop for the bread and eggs for the Red Dot Party that we will be organising tomorrow. Following that, we went out to an outlet mall for an early dinner and it was at 7.35pm that I experienced my first earthquake in Sendai and also witnessed people running out of the shop. Depending on where you are, some felt the tremors while some were oblivious to it. We ended the day with prayers and reflections, and my roommate Gaylonda and myself got to share our stories with the peacemakers! We are certainly excited for tomorrow. Do keep us in prayers!


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