Sunday, 3 November 2013

by Alan Yeo


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"All roads lead to Johannesburg. If you are white or if you are black they lead to Johannesburg. If the crops fail, there is work in Johannesburg. If there are taxes to be paid, there is work in Johannesburg. If the farm is too small to be divided further, some must go to Johannesburg. If there is a child to be born that must be delivered in secret, it can be delivered in Johannesburg." (Alan Paton, Cry, the Beloved Country)


"Cry, the Beloved Country," a novel by Alan Paton written in 1948 was a book that I studied in school for a year. It was a poignant read about a native priest who attempts to find his family in Johannesburg. The novel highlights the social problems that plagued South Africa, giving rise to apartheid that became law the same year after the book was published. Despite the breakdown in the social system and the devastating conditions, Paton weaves a glimpse of hope and redemption. As a young student reading the book then, without much knowledge and awareness of South Africa, the ills of Johannesburg that Paton described seemed distant. However, over the years, I began to learn more of this beloved country but I never imagined that I would ever step foot there.


"Peacemakers on the Road" is symbolic of the new journeys taken by our local church. Since its inception, the journeys taken had brought various teams to brave unfamiliar territories with unexpected adventures and continuing stories of God's marvellous grace and leading.

The peacemakers embarked on their first trip to South Africa in 2011 participating in God's redemptive story of South Africa through Acres of Love and Living Hope Ministry. It is amazing how the story did not end with just that first trip but continues with the genesis of new beginnings. The main highlight of our continuing journey to South Africa would be to conduct a dedication service for Evangel Forever Home, the first Forever Home of Acres of Love in Cape Town. Hence, we invite you to journey along with "Peacemakers on the Road" (POR) through our daily blog as we travel from Johannesburg to Cape Town from 4 to 13 November 2013 and share with you stories of people and places that we will encounter along the way!


"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God." (Matthew 5:9)


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