Making All Things In New

Day 7: Sunday, 10 November 2013

by Alan Yeo


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“What I love about my home is who I share it with…”



Sunday, 10 November 2013, marked an extraordinary chapter for Evangel Family Church since we took the step on 2 September 2012 to partner Acres of Love in the setup of an Evangel Forever Home.  We had a beautiful dedication cum communion service conducted by Dale Lim, the Lead Pastor of Evangel Family Church. Together with our South African hosts- Gerda Audagnotti and her team from Acres of Love, the peacemakers celebrated the goodness and providence of God for Evangel Forever Home, the first Forever Home of Acres of Love in Cape Town.  Dale in his devotion pointed us to the divine grace that is available to us to participate in God’s redemptive story of making all things new through loving neighbours who are unlike us. Although we may not rescue every child but we can rescue one child at a time.  “Evangel Forever Home will edit the stories of children homed with Acres of Love, establishing the will of heaven on earth for these children… establishing newness and beauty amidst the fragmentation and pain.”



The peacemakers were privileged to witness the fruition of this amazing partnership.  As we wandered and explored the rooms of Evangel Forever Home in this quiet and peaceful neighbourhood of Somerset West, one is filled with awe and gratitude. Every nook and corner of Evangel Forever Home was beautifully put together with much love, care and attention to the details - the selection of colours, fabrics, designs, furnishings and décor. As much as we love the home, we are certain that the children who will live in Evangel Forever Home will find it an absolute delight. A welcoming home to “a child abandoned at birth by her mother, an infant infected with HIV, traumatised, discarded, living in total poverty and hopelessness, left alone with no one to care for them…” A beautiful home “with dedicated caregivers to provide the children with love and personal attention.”  


The dedication service concluded with each peacemaker sharing a word to capture this sacred moment and here are some of the words that were shared: “Continuity, Freedom, Genesis, Hope, Impact, Love, Growth, Blessed, Community, Beauty…” 


“…and so begins a journey of love, nurturing and hope for another abandoned child.”



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