Starting Out

Sunday, 3 November 2013

by Nicole Wong


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All set & ready to fly.... finally....


I'm excited, but wondering what to expect. Perhaps it's best not to expect. Instead, to let my mind be open. Though at 1am in the morning..... that'll have to wait till at least 7 hrs later. Heh..... Zzzz.....


Good morning! Or rather, Goeie môre! ^_^w ... 8 hrs into our flight.


For most of us it's a brand new experience to South Africa. As for a few of the team members, it's a revisit from the last trip in 2011 so they can take this opportunity to see how things have changed or improved since their last visit.


I guess this trip for me would be different from my previous POR that we would be reaching out more to kids rather than the adults or elderly; but yet it would be similar coz we'd be checking out (this time also participating in the dedication of) our new Evangel Forever Home. Evangel Tokyo also just started out when we were there.


Looking fwd to doing our little part to touch some little lives during this short journey and also to see how much God does for His people despite the situations they can be put in. Once more, at the end of the day, I reckon this journey would be just as impactful to me, if not even more, than the people I will meet.


Breakfast is here so I'll check out now. God speed our journey!


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