Christmas In The North Party

30 December 2010



Trish Lim:

For many of us, Christmas is a time to reflect on the year that has passed and look ahead to the New Year. This Christmas Eve, I've been moved by the toothless smiles, appreciative words of thanks and humbled to be a part of the Christmas in the North initiative by our church.

Members of Region A, took to the Nee Soon Central Community Park @ Block 755 while watched by many residents from afar at first. The party, which often attracted record crowds, brought the community and church together in this one special evening. The residents' excitement is quite remarkable! Little toddlers came dressed in shades of red and green. Ladies came in graceful dresses and the gentlemen came dressed to the nines. Even pets came in matching outfits with their owners! Festive spirits were high all-round, with plenty of laughter and well wishes. This is a season that brings people from all walks of life together in celebration of this wonderful occasion. The only way you can experience the euphoria is to play a part in it!

Christmas is to remind us that we are here for something else besides ourselves. Our gifts of time and love for the community are the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas for a local church.

So what powers you? This Christmas, it’s the “Thank you” that I got from a resident. Because they mattered.”

Don Ang:

“From as early as 10 in the morning, Evangelites from Region B gathered at the Nee Soon South Neighbourhood Park to prepare for the party that was slated to begin at 7 in the evening. Decorations were put up and chairs were placed around the party location. Food and 1000 goodie bags were also prepared to bless the residents of Yishun with a Christmas present.

Residents from around the neighbourhood started sauntering in at about 6 and the programme proper was to begin at 7pm. However, at just about 6.15pm, the rain began to fall on the party. Residents carried their chairs and quickly came under the tent for shelter. Even the barbeque pit was brought under shelter as well.


The rain stopped 15 minutes later only to begin in another 15 minutes time. Despite of the moving about, members who were barbequing at the makeshift pit still barbequed on. No one surrendered to the rain, and all the members smiled on as they prayed in their hearts.


By God’s grace, the rain finally stopped by 7.10pm and the programme went on as planned. Food was served and residents were treated to a Christmas dinner of Bee Hoon and other local delights; the most popular dish was Satay, and that was what the barbeque pit was for. To the delight of our Malay community, Halal food were also set aside and served to them.


Er Lee Bee Wah, MP for Ang Mo Kio GRC & Adviser to Nee Soon South GROs, also joined in the party to spend a meaningful Christmas Eve with the residents. Dressed in an attire of red and green, which was the dress code for the party, she went about mingling, watched the children play games and also gave out prizes for the Best Dressed Competition.


In a short speech, Er Lee officially thanked Evangel Family Church for organising the party and for a donation of $7000 worth of NTUC vouchers to the needy residents of Nee Soon South.


At least 600 residents were blessed in this year’s Christmas in The North Party as they enjoyed a night of food, songs and games, and happily brought home goodie bags that were adopted by members from Evangel Family Church.


“I’ve only just returned from Australia, and as you know they are a Western country. But I felt that the Christmas spirit here was much stronger than what I experienced over there,” Er Lee spoke in both English and mandarin to the residents at the party.


“I’m looking forward to another Christmas in The North Party next year,” she said.”


Cheong Fook Loy:

细雨分飞的傍晚,浇熄不了宣扬家庭教友们的热情与热枕。 此刻是在义顺环路大牌四零七 旁的义顺东公园里举行的北极圣诞庆祝晚会。


道路指标,广播音乐,七彩气球 和和谐的笑容迎来了大量的人潮。 本来是在七点才开时的节目,人龙已经在六时三刻排到了无尽头的地步。  简短的报告配合陈牧师双姆指高举的指示下,食物摊位提早一刻开时井井有条地分发可口的食物给于居民们。


热腾腾的米粉加上香烹烹的炸鸡翅膀,乌打,炸鱼丸, 还有那刚刚BBQ上桌的沙爹沾上那花生酱,真的使人食指大动。  除此之外,蔬菜,水果和饮料也少不了。


人龙 啊,人龙 啊,何时看到龙尾呢?  超过二十个宣扬家庭的教友,个就个位,忙的不可开交。  七大桶的米粉,两大桶的白菜加上垫的高高地炸鸡翅膀和两千多支的沙爹, 在一个小时半马不停 蹄的分配下,所剩无几。  看到居民们涌越的参与和那满意的笑脸,一切的付出可都是值得的。  那粉丝般的小雨也不知在何刻完全的停止了。 


除了美食配合广播音乐之外,还有那特别为小孩子们准备的游戏。  天真的欢乐声充满了整个游乐场。主日学的老师与帮手也早为小朋友们准备了动物气球,花草气球等等。  当然,奖品也少不了。  小孩子们 有, 大人也有。九份五十元的NTUC 购物卷也颁发给于那最佳穿着的参于者。


圣诞前夕,怎能缺少那脍炙人口的圣诞歌曲呢?  印上双页的歌词也在适当的时间分派给了居民们。  吉他手和唱诗班们合音的领大家一起高声歌唱圣诞歌。  那嘹亮的歌声,飘到公园的不同的角落。  其中, 还看到老少一家在公园的一角的长木椅上,拿着歌谱,随着空中传扬的音符,参于其中, 乐在其中。


九 时一刻,节目达到高潮。  再次, 看到人龙出现在礼包分发站旁。  人龙 啊,人龙 啊,何时看到龙尾呢?  宣扬家庭工作人员又个就个位。  广播报告后,陈牧师的大姆指再次举起。  免费礼包开时分发了。  在人潮中, 也看到了白发苍苍的老婆婆坐在轮椅上, 陪同她的孙儿与佣人参于其中。  宣扬家庭的帮手也义不容迟的将那礼包提前的分发在他们地手中。


“Merry Christmas”, “谢谢” 和那发至内心的微笑, 使每个在场的居民,特别是小孩子们, 拿着那手中的圣诞礼包, 都觉得圣诞佳节的到来。


最后, 在公园的七彩气球也 伴随着曲终人散落入每个小孩子们的手中。