Kidz Challenge

by NAH MEI LENG . October 16, 2010


We were all excited on a bright and sunny Saturday morning on 2 October, preparing for the much anticipated Kidz Challenge jointly organized by Evangel Family Church and Nee Soon South Youth Executive Committee. However, our faith was soon tested when dark clouds began to blanket the sky. Before long, it started to drizzle and seconds after, the sky broke loose and it began to rain not cats and dogs but “elephants and hippos.” God was really stretching our faith as the rain got heavier even as we were praying for it to stop.


We thank God for the children, 7 -12 years old, from different races - about 180 of them turned up for this event. Their spirit really epitomized the traits of “Courage, Bravery, Resilience and Strength” – names of the 4 “tribes” by which they were grouped. Unfazed by the weather condition, they demonstrated their prowess under the leadership of their Tribal chief and chaperons (TKK teachers & YEC members) with their roaring “tribal” cheers, which thundered through the entire playing arena, as if challenging the rain to stop. Their undaunted spirit soon caught up with their parents who also cheered on for them in unison. Kudos to Wei Wei, our MC, for doing a great job in keeping our spirits high. Her enthusiasm and motivation brought confidence and assurance to all present.


Encouraged by the children, we pressed on and trusted God for the rain to stop. My eyes were filled with tears of joy and gratitude when the rain stopped at exactly 10.15am, the official time scheduled for the commencement of the first game. The game officials and helpers readily put in their hands to push and wipe away the rain water with their mops, wipers and brooms in preparation for the first game. What a sight to see everyone united and working together in making this event happened so that the children in Nee Soon South could have a wonderful time.

It was such a joy to just watch the children having fun and cooperating with one another (many have actually met for the first time), giving their best to out beat other tribes as different members from each tribe engaged enthusiastically in the various games – tremendous team spirit! We cheered and appluaded all the children who came forward to receive their well-deserved prizes from our guest of honour – Er Lee Bee Wah, MP for Ang Mo Kio GRC and Advisor of Nee Soon South GROs. The event climaxed with the Kidz Challenge Draw when the children and parents looked forward to the opportunity of winning the attractive prizes generously sponsored by members of Evangel Family Church. It was so wonderful to see these neighbourhood children (some of whom are from lower income families) beaming with joy and excitement as they received the prizes from Er Lee. The event ended at a high note with every participating kid receiving a delicious McDonald’s lunch pack and a goody bag.

Special thanks to Evangel Family Church, the main sponsor of the event, their congregants from region B who have generously sponsored the prizes and the goody bags; all who have played a role in making this event a success. Above all, we thank God for his faithfulness. Jesus loves the little children.