Till We Meet Again

Day 8: Monday, 1 December 2014

by Vic Toh


Friendship and Gratitude

One of the highlights of the POR trip is the daily "Prayer and Reflection," a devotional time where we share our story and encounters. We have had the privilege of having a small group during the POR trip which makes the stories personal and relational just like a typical CG setting. The topic today was on friendship and we learn from John 15:13 that there is no greater friendship than the sacrificial friendship Jesus demonstrated.


Everyone of us is so thankful for this opportunity to experience the fruits of Acres of Love through Evangel. Not only did we get to play with the children from Evangel Forever Home, we also get to converse and befriend many people throughout this journey. We have just started this partnership and we believe this family will grow stronger with time.


A Whale of Time

No safari?! Oh man. I was initially a little disappointed that we will be watching whales instead. The prayer Michelle made in the morning asking the Lord for a whaly good time did not help my little faith.


God answered. We saw 2 species of whales, a MASSIVE flock of birds and seagulls, herds of seals, jellyfishes and some even spotted a small shark. It was the first close up whale encounter for most of us but the one that took our breath away was having tens of thousands of low flying birds surrounding the boat. The river safari experience was accompanied by good mountainous scenery, a bag of chips and a can of coke.


We brought back many memories and a little sun burnt.



Joy to the World

The finale to the trip is a bonus when Gerda told us that Joy was discharged and we get to see her. Joy brought joy to everyone of us with her smile. That smile hides the pain of the process of multiple operations to ensure the cerebral shunts work efficiently to remove the excess buildup of fluid in the brain. Churches internationally have kept Joy in prayer and we continue to pray that this miracle will continue for she will one day be able to share her story and bring joy to the rest of the world.



We bade our last goodbyes to the children. It was the longest goodbye. Every step we took forward, we tried hard not turning back to the faces of his little ones. Some of them we know, may be the last time we are going to see them with the adoption programs.


This Christmas is going to be special because I know that when I sip that wine I bought from South Africa, a part of me is there in EFH celebrating with the kids.